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*Pigycraft Store
Read the following before purchasing:

• Make sure you are logged in to the server when you are purchasing a rank or package.

• Ranks are global (they apply to all of our servers) and last forever.

• All purchases should apply instantly but it may take up to 5 minutes to receive your rank/package. Try relogging to speed it up.

*Refund & Chargeback Policy

If there is something wrong with your purchase, email us at help.pigycraft@gmail.com with proof of purchase.

Payments to the Pigycraft store are payments for intangible virtual items. All transactions are final and a strict no-refund policy applies.

Any and all refund requests are denied. Such requests include account/IP bans, server downtime, or the loss of in-game items.

Opening a chargeback will result in a permanent and automatic ban from the Pigycraft Server, the Pigycraft store and all other stores on the Tebex/Buycraft platform. All appeals are automatically declined.

*Payments with PayPal

PayPal is a trusted and secure payment gateway, used by millions of people daily.

You can checkout with credit/debit card, or you may use the balance in an existing PayPal account.

You do not need a registered PayPal account -- it is possible to checkout as guest.